About Us

Dr. David M. Chei

Dr. Chei has over 21 years of clinical experience practicing dentistry. Dr. Chei graduated from Rutgers University School of Dentistry, and after graduating from dental school, Dr. Chei completed 2 years of hospital based residency program emphasizing emergency trauma patients and implants. Dr. Chei has extensive training in all aspects of dentistry including cosmetic and dental implants. He is a fellow of ICOI, premier dental implant organization in the world. In his spare time, Dr. Chei enjoys spending time with his four children and Coton de Tuléar dog. His hobbies include hiking and traveling.

Dr. Young Kyu Kim

Dr. Kim’s journey in dentistry began in 1995, when he started his first career as a dental laboratory technician. He studied and received certification of specializing a dental ceramic from Osaka, Japan under a world renown master dental ceramist.
Dr. Kim while working closely with Dr. Schnitman (Harvard) on their computerized implant surgical guide system, he realized this experience sparked his desire to become a dentist. Using his 18 years of laboratory experience dealing with veneers and implants, he carefully listens to his patients to change their life by exceeding their expectations to craft their brand new smile.
Dr. Kim hails from South Korea and grew up in New York. He received his DMD degree from the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry. He and his wife in their spare time enjoy hiking, traveling but they really love cherry and strawberry ice cream.

Compassion and Passion for Dentistry

Arlington Dental Associates offer compassionate and gentle care to patients. We provide a range of dental services, from oral screening to digital X-rays.
Our team of dedicated dentists and hygienists works hard to ensure all our patients receive personalized care. In fact, making your experience a comfortable one is our top priority.
Our facility in Arlington, Texas, is equipped with advanced dental tools and technology. We also update our knowledge and skills on a regular basis to ensure we can provide the best and the most advanced treatment available to our patients.

High Standard Dental Care

Our specialists and experts in dental care understand the impact preventive care has on patients’ oral health. Because dental care plays a vital role in your overall health and well-being, our topmost priority is providing you with the best service possible.
We have developed a Zen environment at our Arlington clinic to maximize the comfort of our patients.

Healthy Communities

At Arlington Dental Associates, our mission is to contribute to the oral health of the entire community. We treat all patients with compassion and professionalism.
At our facility in Arlington, Texas, to ensure the safety and health of our patients, we have established various protocols for infection control and sterilization of dental tools. Our team is trained to meet the standards of safety and hygiene.

Patient Education

As your oral care provider, Arlington Dental Associates understands the importance of educating patients about different treatment options. Our specialists work closely with every patient to guide them about different dental procedures that suit them the best.
We believe that your unique condition requires a unique treatment plan. So, we tailor your treatment plan based on your preferences, needs, and budget.
Our dentists at our facility in Arlington look forward to meeting and providing you with our dental care services. If you want to request or require any information about our services and treatments, feel free to get in touch with us.



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