First Visit Expectations

First Visit Expectations

As a new patient, you have the right to be informed and educated at your first visit. Here is an overview of how we greet our patients at Arlington Dental Associates. 

Knowing Each Other

On your first visit to our facility in Arlington, Texas, our team will introduce us and our services to you.
We take an interest in knowing your preferences and concerns and work closely with every patient, encourage them to express their concerns, ask us in detail about our services, and do anything that helps them make an informed decision.
During your first consultation, we will ask you to provide some details about your dental and medical history. To ensure we provide your personalized and safe support, we consider all factors, including the medications you take, the treatments you have had, your age, and your preferences. We also request you to update us on the supplements and vitamins you consume.

Touring the Clinic

You have the right to know what kind of services we offer and the hygiene and safety protocols we follow. You may also take a tour or explore our facility with us if you like. We guide you about different sedation methods and technology available at our facility.
Once your treatment starts, we provide you with a range of distractions, including music, movies, and games. While you sit and relax, we perform a detailed examination of your oral health, including X-rays and gums, jaw, and teeth screenings.

You Are in Good Hands

At Arlington Dental Associates, we take our patients’ oral health very seriously. After performing a detailed examination of your oral health. We will create an effective and personalized treatment plan that meets all your dental needs. We can prioritize treatments to help you achieve a smile you deserve and can afford.
Finally, building compatibility with our patients is important to us. We are sure of exceeding your expectations at the first visit. From your emotional to physical comfort, we take care of everything. Recline and unwind at Arlington Dental Associates. While we give you the best dental treatment in town, you can enjoy a few hours of peace and ease.



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