Financial Options

Financial Options

The costs of dental treatments vary from patient to patient. Based on your individual needs and the severity of your condition, we develop a customized treatment plan that caters to your dental and financial needs.
But before proceeding with any treatment, we discuss the cost and payment methods accepted at our facility. Our mission is to facilitate you every step of the way.
Financial Options
Affordable Payment Plan in Arlington

Affordable Payment Plan

Your love to make our patients smile. So, we have made dental care affordable for our patients to make sure they receive excellent dental care. We accept multiple methods of payment to accommodate all patients.
Do not worry if your insurance plan does not cover your oral health needs. We can offer you various payment plans to help you get the treatment you deserve.

We accept most insurance plans and credit cards.

Our team is trained to help patients with paperwork and insurance claims. We will contact your insurance provider for you to ensure you are covered for the dental treatment you require.
If you want to request any more information or have additional questions and concerns about insurance coverage, contact our office today.
Accept Insurance Plans and Credit Cards
Arlington Dental Care You Deserve

Get the Care You Deserve

At Arlington Dental Associates, our mission is to help you with the care you deserve. The cost of treatment should not keep any patient from approaching oral health care. During your consultation, we will discuss different treatment options that will help your case.
Because your comfort matters to us, we always come up with a financial plan that allows you to access treatment without any stress or anxiety. 
At our clinic in Arlington, Texas, we maintain a strict policy of being upfront with the client. We assure you that there will be no hidden charges or surprises in your bills. If you need any help with insurance policies and claims, we are ready to help you with them.
Get the best, most affordable dental care at Arlington Dental Associates. Work with us to create your own budget-friendly treatment plan.

Ease of Online Services

Our online service is a click away:
  • Check your appointment anytime
  • Review your account information
  • Keep track of your payment history and charges for treatment
  • Print tax receipts
Our team will be happy to help you with our online services and setting up your account.



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