Having straight and properly aligned teeth is a dream come true. They are not only aesthetically pleasing but healthier too.
Crooked, rotated, or overlapped teeth are challenging for many reasons. Misalignments between the teeth cause bacterial plaque and toxins to accumulate and penetrate areas where brushing can’t reach, and the resulting bacterial buildup releases acidic toxins that cause inflammation, cavities, and periodontal disease.
So, getting your teeth straightened is essential for cosmetic improvement and a healthier mouth.
Many people believe that there is an age to straighten your teeth. So, after a certain age, people tend to avoid visiting the dentist to discuss orthodontic options. But this is a misconception.
You can treat your teeth at any age. It is never too late — or too difficult — to get the straight smile you deserve.
Afraid of wires? Get Invisalign.
Explore possibilities with Arlington Dental Associates.
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Dental Orthodontics Arlington

What Is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that aims to correct alignment issues in the teeth. The use of braces or clear aligners is a popular orthodontic procedure.
Orthodontic treatments help straighten the teeth and correct overcrowding and overlapping issues. This treatment puts gentle pressure on the gums and teeth, moving them in the proper position with the help of clear aligners and braces. But the process may take months or years, depending on the severity of the problem.
Orthodontics also involves jaw alignment and teeth straightening. It is a process that targets both function and aesthetic changes.
Patients can avoid the need for orthodontics by regularly visiting the dentist from an early age. In fact, identifying early development problems can help dentists prevent the need for future alignment.


Straightening your teeth has become easier than before. A series of clear braces named Invisalign are the ideal choice for busy adults who want to improve the appearance of their teeth.
Invisalign clear plastic trays work wonders without the need for wires or metal in your mouth. Created using advanced 3D technology, Invisalign braces help you achieve your cosmetic goals in less time and with more accuracy.
Invisalign Orthodontist In Arlington
Invisalign Treatment in Arlington

Duration of Treatment

For Invisalign, the duration of treatment (the time taken) varies from patient to patient. Correcting minor imperfections may take less than 6 months, but straightening poorly aligned teeth can take up to 2 years. A key factor contributing to the pace of treatment is the patient’s diligence.
So, the more involved and invested you are in the treatment, the faster the results will be.



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