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We give you comfort and confidence to eat what you love!
Replacing your natural teeth with artificial teeth can be overwhelming, but for your oral health, it is important to fill the gaps between your missing teeth. Dentures are oral appliances that help you speak, chew and eat with us.
Dentures help keep your remaining natural teeth firmly intact to their position, preventing misalignment and drifting. Dentures are an affordable dental treatment that restores your oral functionality and gives you back the freedom to smile!
At Arlington Dental Associates, we strive to bring back your beautiful smile without affecting your comfort. Our expert dental treatment is backed with state-of-the-art technology that ensures precision and perfection. 

Basics of Denture 

There are two types of dental dentures: Partial and Complete Dentures.
Partial dentures replace a few missing teeth, whereas complete dentures replace the full arch of teeth.

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are further divided into two types:
  • Immediate Dentures
  • Conventional Dentures
Immediate dentures are inserted right after the extraction of your natural teeth. The process requires extensive adjustments as bones and gums shrink. Conventional dentures are sent to a lab for fabrication after extraction. In conventional dentures, the gums are allowed to heal after extraction. 

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are also of two kinds:
  • Partial or removable dentures
  • Fixed partial dentures
Removable partial dentures are gum-colored removable replacements of missing teeth attached to a metal frame. Partial dentures are designed according to your needs. Fixed partial dentures are restorations that replace missing teeth and are fixed to dental implants or crowns. These dentures form a bridge that is permanently bonded into place. 

Are Dentures Uncomfortable?

The addition of any artificial appliance in the mouth may feel uncomfortable in the beginning. Soreness or irritation right after inserting dentures is common. Your mouth will take a few days to adjust to the change. If irritation persists, feel free to contact us.
Uncomfortable Dentures Arlington Tx
Conventional Dentures Arlington Tx

Caring for Dentures

Taking care of your dentures is essential to increase the life of your dentures. Our professional dentists will guide you through the process of taking care of your dentures. You may need to visit us from time to time for maintenance and adjustment. Changes in the structure of your gums and teeth might force the need to get new dentures.
For more information, schedule an appointment at Arlington Dental Associates. Our helpline is always open to assist you.
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