Tooth Replacement

Tooth Replacement

Losing a tooth is stressful. People can lose teeth to disease, cavities, trauma, or accidents. Losing even a single tooth — as we all know — can significantly impact oral health function, disrupting the ability to few or bite.
The inability to chew food properly also leads to digestion issues, while the missing spaces between teeth cause the adjacent teeth to move and weaken. Frankly, wear and tear in the mouth becomes a common problem after losing a tooth.
Traditional dentistry did not offer many options for replacing a missing tooth. Fortunately, modern dentistry gives us a range of replacement methods to choose from. Our wide range of restorative procedures allows you to mitigate the damage caused by missing tooth/teeth.
At Arlington Dental Associates, we understand that choosing the right option can be overwhelming. So, we perform a detailed examination of your oral health to assess which treatment option would suit you the best.
We will also help you sort through the various possibilities. Our specialists have a unique solution for every situation.
Tooth Replacement Arlington
Dental Implants Arlington

Dental Implants

Dental implants — a popular restorative procedure — allow you to enjoy a full smile and complete oral function. Depending on your condition, we may recommend dental implants to replace missing teeth.
At Arlington Dental Associates, we believe that dental implants give you back your oral strength. But the best thing is that our highest quality dental implants replicate the appearance of your natural teeth.
Crown or bridges supported dental implants are ideal tooth replacements.

Full or Partial Dentures

A removable partial denture is also a good option to replace a missing tooth. Whether you need a complete or partial denture, our technicians can fabricate ideal dentures that fit perfectly.
Dental implants combined with the strength of dentures give stability and potency to the teeth.
Partial Tooth Replacement in Arlington
Porcelain Bridges Arlington Tx

Porcelain Bridges

Dental bridges support many tooth replacement treatments. With the rising popularity of dental implants, advanced methods of tooth replacements are becoming available to fill the gaps between your teeth.
Customizable and aesthetically pleasing, bridges support dental implants in eliminating gaps caused by missing teeth.
Regardless of which option you choose, Arlington’s advanced restorative dentistry will surely exceed your expectations. We offer a range of sedation methods to ensure you are calm and relaxed during the treatment.
If you need any more information or have additional questions or concerns about tooth replacements, feel free to contact us.



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