Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Have you lost one or more teeth? At our clinic in Arlington, we understand how frustrating losing your tooth can be. It negatively impacts self-confidence and prevents you from eating or biting food with ease.
At Arlington Dental Associates, we help patients rediscover the comfort of eating, smiling, and speaking with ease. Dental implant restoration restores oral function and is placed as a replacement for your missing teeth.
Dental implants work as the root of the tooth. Small titanium posts are surgically inserted into the jawbone to serve as a bride or foundation for the artificial tooth. Dental implants are firm and remain adhered to the jawbone for a long time.
Dental Implants In Arlington Tx
Dental Implant Treatment Arlington Tx

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are replacement roots that support dentures, bridgework, or multiple replacement teeth. Dental implant posts are made of titanium and come in multiple sizes and shapes. Our dentists at Arlington, Texas, design customized dental implants for every patient.
Titanium implants are fused with the jawbone through the process known as osseointegration.

Advantages of Dental Implants

  • Tooth Preservation
    One of the primary reasons why dental implants are used is to preserve oral function and teeth surrounding the missing tooth. Dental implants keep adjacent teeth strong and healthy.
  • Bone Preservation
    When we bite on implants, the muscle action stimulates the jawbone and helps preserve its strength. Tooth loss causes the bones to be resorbed, but dental implants prevent that by maintaining the structure of the mouth.
  • Aesthetics
    Tooth loss can damage the appearance of your smile. Fortunately, dental implants give you a natural smile by replacing missing teeth.
  • Reliability
    Dental implants are reliable and efficient. Compared to other restorative procedures, they are more permanent and last longer.
Benefits of Dental Implants Arlington
Dental Implants at Arlington

Dental Implants at Arlington

Dental Implants are an amazing solution for missing teeth. So, whether you are missing one or multiple teeth, our dentists at Arlington Dental Associates can repair the damage using dental implants.
Dental implants can maintain your oral function for life with good dental hygiene and adequate care.

Your Experience

Our specialists at Arlington Dental Associates welcome patients to experience state-of-the-art treatment methods and a welcoming environment at our facility.
Our dentists work closely with every patient to determine whether or not they are the right candidate for dental implants. After a series of examinations and proper diagnoses, we evaluate the advantages or disadvantages of different restorative methods.
Our priority is to guide every patient about different treatment methods to help them make an informed decision.
Dental implant surgery requires an incision in your bone and gum tissue. Our trained and certified anesthesiologists administer anesthesia to ensure the patient does not experience any pain during the procedure. After that, our dentists use a dental drill to make space for the titanium post.
Dental implants require multiple visits to the dentist. It often takes several weeks for the surgery to heal and the posts to bond with the jawbone. Once the patient has fully recovered, we schedule the next appointment to place the connector posts and restorations.
You can enjoy your new mouth and restored capabilities after restoration.
If you are looking for more information, call Arlington today.
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